Installing the package


Relatively new versions of both python 2 and 3 should work, but the package has only been extensively tested with python 2.7.

Some MPI compatable with mpi4py should be installed on your system.

The package depends on the following python packages:

  • numpy
  • scipy
  • matplotlib
  • mock
  • Sphinx and sphinxcontrib-bibtex
  • h5py with support for MPI I/O.
  • mpi4py

Make sure these are available before you install eddylicious.

Installing from git

Clone the following repository to a location of your choice using git

The catalog eddylicious is created. Go inside the catalog. Run python install to install the package. As usual, run with sudo if that is necessary. The --prefix flag can be used to install to a custom directory.

If you intend to try latest updates immediately run python develop instead. This way, if you update the files by running git pull you don’t have to reinstall the package.